Umbii Legal Placements

The professional-led platform prioritises skills and experience and removes unconscious bias from recruitment to perfectly align legal professionals with global opportunities.

Umbiie (pronounced Um-bee) has launched a first-of-its-kind skills and experience matching platform for legal professionals globally.

By uberising the workforce, Umbiie eliminates costly inefficiencies and deficits in the recruitment process to perfectly align legal professionals with jobs, consultants with projects, and practice lawyers with new clients.

Marking a 180-degree pivot for the recruitment industry, Umbiie is powered by a shared revenue model that rewards all stakeholders in the resourcing and recruitment process, from the candidate to the client.

The gig economy

Umbiie comes in response to the fast-changing recruitment landscape which puts more power into the hands of job seekers. The latest research shows that by 2030, 70% of all legal professionals will earn their income via on-demand work. In a gig economy, skills and experience are the most aluable commodities. The top 10% of professionals will have access to 90% of the opportunities while the bottom majority compete for the rest – exacerbating the growing global skills deficits and trillions lost in economic opportunity.

How Umbiie works

Umbiie embraces the gig economy to help largely under-utilised legal professionals work and earn on their terms. Umbiie also empowers companies and law firms to adapt and change how they recruit for roles or projects and deliver legal services.

The platform is peeling back the recruitment industry by democratising accessibility for all stakeholders.

  • Entries are fully verified. All listed candidates and opportunities on Umbiie are fully vetted and KYC verified. That means no fake jobs or misleading profiles. Anyone can list a candidate or an opportunity, but the details must be verified.
  • Candidates and opportunities are 100% matched. Umbiie’s matching algorithm evaluates skills, experience, rates, and compatibility to perfectly align the candidate with the opportunity. If a candidate has the right skills and experience, opportunities from around the world will find them.
  • Searches are unbiased. Candidates are anonymous and found based on their skills and experience only. Umbiie removes unconscious bias and discrimination from the recruitment process. Details are only released once a candidate opts into the opportunity.
  • Revenue is shared. Searches on Umbiie are free of charge. The person or company conducting a search only pays once a candidate opts in to release their details. The proceeds are shared between the candidate and the person or company that listed the candidate. On average, 98% of a recruiter’s database is dormant. Umbiie breaks down barriers to give everyone access to listed candidates and generate income for all the stakeholders.
  • All-in-one talent management. Umbiie’s dashboard keeps a record of matched and opted-in candidates for easy access to vetted and qualified professionals, including availability for projects or future roles.

“Research shows us the global cost of bad hires or low engagement at work run into trillions of US dollars per year,” says Thuthu Simelane, Engagement Associate at Umbiie. “As it stands, the talent market is far from efficient. Over the past decade, technology has simplified many aspects of our daily lives, yet the job market remains siloed and largely ineffective. Umbiie is bridging talent supply and demand. And empowering increasingly restless professionals to work and earn on their terms.”

Among others, Umbiie has been adopted by multi-award-winning legal recruiter GRM Search. The business has a track record of placing legal professionals in the United States, South America, Europe, Asia, the Gulf, and Africa.

Said CEO Rob Green, “In over 20 years in the legal recruitment industry, this is the best skills-matching platform I have ever seen. While other platforms and social media give you access to personal data, it doesn’t breed accuracy in the recruitment process. What’s more, Umbiie benefits everyone in the resourcing process.”

Green continues, “At the heart of Umbiie’s platform is the symbiotic relationship between a hiring company and a professional’s skillset – most current platforms or suppliers on the market almost always forget this.”

The Umbiie process

For professionals:

  • Register at It’s 100% free.
  • Complete your profile, skills, and experience. A more comprehensive profile will receive more relevant matches or opportunities. Your Umbiie profile negates the need to send CVs, fill in job applications, or submit pitches.
  • Complete a verification check.
  • Your details remain anonymous.
  • When you receive a match, you can review the opportunity and decide whether or not to release your contact details.
  • You receive a % of the fee paid to access your profile.
  • Companies or individuals that work with you via Umbiie will have the opportunity to rate your work which can motivate rate increases for future projects.

For companies or agencies recruiting talent:

  • Register at It’s 100% free.
  • Create your company profile. A more comprehensive profile will make you more attractive to prospective talent.
  • Complete a verification check.
  • Create positions or opportunities and hit the SEARCH button.
  • Receive a list of anonymous profiles that 100% match your requirements. You can see fully vetted and verified skills and experience, fees, and star ratings.
  • Hit CONNECT on the profiles that interest you.
  • You will be charged a credit if a candidate opts in to release their details. You can connect directly or via an Umbiie consultant.
  • You have unlimited access to paid-for profiles and talent availability to pipeline future projects and roles.
  • Professionals that work with you via Umbiie will have the opportunity to rate their experience.

Umbiie is powered by Stiint-It technology – changing how skills and resources are matched and bringing global opportunities to the talent market. is a global skills-matching platform for legal professionals. We connect legal professionals with companies and projects with attorneys around the world. By deploying revolutionary technology that anonymises personal data and pushes skills and experience to the forefront, Umbiie introduces a shared data and circular revenue model that rewards accuracy, verification, excellence, and the right stakeholders in the recruitment process.

Privacy, sharing, success. Law.

Stiint it is a revolutionary private labelling recruitment platform available. It’s the world’s first truly collaborative shared data and revenue model. Rather than paying for job ads or agency fees, Stiint it empowers clients, agencies, and candidates to work together and earn together. A unique approach to talent selection and pipeline management, professionals are fully vetted and verified. Removing unconscious bias and discrimination from the recruitment process, profiles are listed anonymously and added to a searchable, global database. Searches are 100% matched with profiles to perfectly align job seekers’ needs with the opportunity at hand.


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