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DJI will be a keynote speaker at the Drones and Digital Aviation Conference, set for the 28th and 29th of November 2019 at the Emperors Palace Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. Grab your chance to learn from and network with the best drone maker in the world! They have solutions on how municipalities, public safety entities, and civil aviation organisations can make use of UAVs to make their operations better.

Besides, the conference will also cover Drones capability to increase crop yields, make dangerous jobs safer and act as a lifeline for remote populations. Autonomously piloted systems have the potential to revolutionize how people and goods are transported and to support entirely new and disbursed economic society. What you will learn at the Drones and Digital Aviation Conference is the whole lot of commercial opportunities drones have opened up in various industries. We will discuss the latest and emerging drone applications in industries that include mining and mineral exploration, agriculture, survey and mapping, policing and public safety, wildlife and environmental conservation, sport and recreation, media, transportation; and many more industrial problems that drones have fixed.

Just like any new technology, drones have brought with them teething challenges, not least of which is how authorities should manage air space in the drone age. We will explore ways of circumventing such problems, and the legal channels that can promote a more peaceful existence between drones and larger aircraft in the air. There are also issues with data capture, protection, privacy and security. The Drones and Digital Aviation Conference is for technologies enthusiasts interested in exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by drones, and the best ways in which the law and technology can come together for the good cause of revolutionising industrial operations through disruptive innovation.

Kindly refer to the attached brochure for more information on the speakers and other topics to be discussed at the event. To book your seat, you can fill out the registration form also attached. Many municipal professionals are thinking outside the box to solve today’s urban municipal problems like population growth and migration; sustainable growth and health service delivery; attending the Drones and Digital Aviation Conference will help you answer these questions and more.

For more details contact:
Gumisai Sumani gumisai@bussynetgroup.co.za


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