Louis van Vuren

The Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa (FISA) will hold its 13th Annual Conference, sponsored by Hollard Court Bonds, on Tuesday 17 October at the Sandton Convention Centre.  The conference is well-known among fiduciary practitioners, academics and the media as an event where critical issues at the intersection of practice and theory are presented by high quality speakers and opened up to discussion by the audience.

Under the theme “Fiduciary practice in a complex world”, this year’s conference will again field a powerful list of speakers. Louis van Vuren, CEO of FISA, says: “The past year has seen unprecedented changes on the legislative and regulatory front, with a resultant impact on fiduciary practice. Many changes are still to be fully understood and FISA is lobbying with the relevant authorities to assist FISA members. 

In addition, delays in winding up estates have continued, with several parties contributing to the delays, including the Master’s Office and institutions such as the banks. Again, FISA is doing all that it can to smooth processes for its members and the public, and to encourage improvement,” Mr van Vuren said.

Some speakers and topics at the conference include:

Dr Adrian Saville on investment in complex times

Mr Steven Powell on the fraud risk of disclosed information

Dr Rika van Zyl on the rights of trust beneficiaries1

Mr David Hurford on the cost of compliance and affordability of fiduciary solutions

Mr Nel Schoeman on clients’ right to privacy

Ms Refiloe Maunatlala on the expansion of the meaning of “spouse”

The Acting Chief Master, Ms Penny Roberts, with a regulatory update

The programme and registration details can be accessed here.

About FISA

FISA is the only professional body focusing solely on fiduciary practitioners in Southern Africa. FISA is a non-profit organisation that represents fiduciary practitioners and sets high minimum standards for the industry.

FISA members come from trust companies and banks, as well as the legal, accounting and financial planning professions.

FISA members do estate planning, draft wills, administer trusts, deceased estates, and beneficiary funds, supply tax advice and compliance services, and administer client assets.

FISA helps to smooth processes for members and the public, through its good working relationship with the Master’s Office and the SARS.



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