Startup law firm on a budget

Have marketing tools, yes. Want to have CRM tools yes, but what really matters is can I sit with my clients, can I meet my ethical requirements as set out by my State Bar, can I manage my business, do I understand how much money I have and anything above and beyond that is just going to be the gravy on the top. 

First thing you need is a document management tool when you are keeping your document somewhere. It’s not just having them on your PC that’s fine, that’s okay, but you really should have backups and that was really should be secure and that’s not because I’m trying to up sell you on something. I don’t care what you use but you really do need to have a way to protect yourself against natural disasters, your own inherent clumsiness – if you’re like me PC laptop or whatever it gets infected with a virus or if you fall victim to phishing scam and someone has encrypted your data and demanding a ransom from you, you need to be able to get to your client documents and those need to be stored in a cloud solution somewhere. Get yourself onto Microsoft 365 account right that’s going to include your e-mail and it’s going to include your documents. That’s going to cost you in the neighbourhood of about $19 a month and email is also built into that 365 programme so it’s not going to cost anything else. 

Why don’t I just use a Gmail account it’s free! Don’t you dare user a free Gmail account that is not the right solution for you?

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