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The covid lockdown pushed many courts and practitioners to use technology to work effectively remotely. Two key cases were particularly important during those times. MassBuild v Tikon that dealt with whether a suretyship was valid and gives guidance on advanced electronic signatures, data messages and ECTA. Knuttel v Bhana dealt with a deponent who had Covid-19 and the practitioner took the extraordinary step of commissioning the founding affidavit over a Whatsapp video call.

We should not let the advances made during the lockdown go to waste by reverting back to old and familiar ways! Join Louis Podbielski (Louis Case Law), Malcolm Pearson (Tech4law) and Neil Summers (Moonstone) as they open the discussion on the possibilities for improving efficiencies in legal practice, while still complying with the law for valid commissioning and digital signatures.

In the meantime, please also join our LinkedIn group Tech Talk Legal and contribute to the sharing of case law and ideas for making the processing of legal documents faster, safer and more efficient.

Join us on Friday 28 January 2022 at 11 am. The link is below:,F8pK-OGJlU2teCw_najZXQ,cXlLBjW8i0mrbYgSC2DNDA,wQtdA27XVU2soYEy5ri73Q,53ZkUYND8ke9Tj8CDVg9TQ,Vp9zBVshQEWOwzzBthf08Q?mode=read&tenantId=2525ee9d-93eb-4ceb-b882-3929397cc4b4

And look out for more discussions and posts on all things tech, law and legal practice!


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