ciproWant to see if the name you have in mind for your company is taken? Or perhaps you’re looking for the registered address of a company or CC?

Go to and then click the tab at the top of the page called “Additional Services” which links you to the old “CIPRO” site. (This function has been removed and to get to this Enterprise Name search, you need to go through this link below:

Once on this site scroll down on the left of the page and select “Name Search”. Type in the name of the company or CC you are looking for (or a few letters from the name) and then click on the ‘search’ button. After a few seconds, a list of all the matching enterprise names will be displayed. For more information on an enterprise, simply click on the name, and you will be taken to the details page.

These searches are limited to people who have registered on the CIPC site – but after registration and verification you can perform a search on the company names.

For an easy and instantaneous FREE “Does this company exist” search right now, go to CIPROZA and do the search online.

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  1. The names of people that appear on a company certificates represents ownership of company or board directors?

    If you own a portion of a company and when it got registered your name was not inserted and now it’s going to be inserted does that alone serves as a protection over your ownership or there is still legal documents that needs to be done if you are to be removed because you are one the owner ?

    • Directorship, does not necessarily mean ownership.

      I would contact a lawyer who practises commercial law and get the facts.

  2. I registered a company and lost my documents,was asking maybe you can help me retrieve them of the company is Majestic catering and decor services,it was registered 2016 do not have username and password


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