90 year-old golfer

A 90-year-old golfer tells his wife that he is quitting the game.

“But why?” asks his wife.

“Well, it’s my eyesight. I can’t see where the ball goes after I hit it”.

The wife wanting to make sure he is away from the house as much as possible says, “Listen, you can go with my brother Pete. He might be 103 years old but his eyesight is perfect.”

He agrees and finds himself on the golf course with his brother-in-law. He takes aim and hits a powerful shot that speeds off like a jet.

He looks at his brother-in-law and says: “Did you see that Pete?” His brother-in-law says, “Yes, I saw that perfectly.”

The golfer says, “Well, where is it then?”

Pete responds, “I don’t remember.”


You should have seen that one coming!!!


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