Don't piss on a French motorway

A Cape Town way of thinking

People are not spending money in Cape Town because:

“It’s the drought”

“Electricity outages”


“My sister’s unwanted pregnancy”

“We just need to wait for…”





“The coming of the Jewish messiah”

Then everything will be fine.

Why can’t people just admit the economy is toast and nobody is spending?


The DA messed it up for white people – yet white people continue to vote for them.

The same thing applies to black people and the ANC.

I suppose it’s like:

“That client of mine – Mr Smith – he’s a real number – short paid me, went to another lawyer and ran me down to the whole of the Cape Town legal fraternity.  

Wait two beats…

“Did I tell you he just gave me a huge new case?

Cartoon above:
Don’t take the piss on a French motorway



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