Lady in jewellery store with salesman

A distinguished lady sauntered into an exquisite jewellery boutique; her gaze captivated by a magnificent diamond bracelet gleaming in the display. Anxious to inspect it up close, she leaned in, only to unwittingly release a quiet, albeit unmistakable, toot.

Flushed with embarrassment, she swiftly surveyed the room, hoping fervently that her awkward blunder had slipped by unnoticed. But alas, fate had different intentions, as a polished salesman materialised beside her, his presence as unexpected as it was unwelcome.

Undeterred by the awkwardness of the situation, the salesman maintained his composure and greeted her with practiced charm. “Good day, Madam. How may we be of assistance today?”

Feeling the weight of her mortification, yet determined to salvage the moment, she inquired about the price of the bracelet, silently praying that her earlier mishap had escaped his attention.

With a smooth smile, the salesman replied, “Madam, if the mere sight of this bracelet prompted a gentle breeze, you’re going to shit yourself when I tell you the price.”


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