This guy goes to a brothel and asks the madame for her best girl. So the madame says to him her top-draw girl is Cindy, but she charges $10, 000 a time.

So the guy says ok and pulls out the ten grand wad which still has the bank strap on it and hands it to the madame,

He goes up to Cindy’s room, opens the door and there’s Cindy, an absolute goddess.

He has wild and passionate sex with her.

The next day he returns,

He asks the madame for Cindy again,

The madame looks a bit surprised, but asks him for the ten grand which he hands over

He goes to Cindy’s room,

Cindy is just as equally surprised,

Once again they have wild and passionate sex.

The next day he comes back again, and asks for Cindy again.

The madame asks him:

“Are you sure you want Cindy again?”

“Yes, he replies, she’s unbelievable”

When he gets to Cindy’s room,

Cindy is equally shocked,

But “what a client” she thinks,

They have great sex,

Afterwards Cindy decides to do some PR for her ever-returning client,

So she offers him a cigarette. They’re now sitting up in bed and she asks him:

“You seem familiar. Do I know you?”

”No”, he replies. “You must be mistaken. But I do know you”

“I don’t understand?” she says.

“Listen here. I’m a lawyer. I acted for your late mother. She left you thirty thousand dollars in her will. Please sign this receipt”

Contributed by:
Barry Varkel, an attorney of the High Court of South Africa and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.
Author of Nigiri Law


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