live rugby world cup 2015Rugby Fans, the greatest event of the year is happening in the United Kingdom, for those without DSTV or those who want to catch a game on their computers – there is a solution.

The 2015 Rugby World Cup started on Friday and we want to make sure you don’t miss any exciting games – although you might have wanted to miss the Springboks on Saturday and now you can watch every game for FREE no matter where you live with UnoTelly!

The 2015 Rugby World Cup will be broadcasted across numerous cable and streaming services globally. There is only one place where you will be able to stream for free – iTV. However, iTV is geoblocked to those located outside the UK.

But do not worry. UnoTelly can help you stream iTV from anywhere in the world.

Here are the steps to being able to watch the Rugby World Cup through iTV with Unotelly:

Step 1: Set up UnoTelly on your device if you haven’t done so.

Step 2: Visit iTV’s Rugby World Cup schedule page. In this page, you will be able to see on which iTV channel the games will stream live.

Step 3: Once you find out where you can stream the game you want to watch, visit iTV1 or iTV4 and enjoy Rugby!

iTV is available on PC, MAC, iOS and Android.

Disclaimer: The editor of this epublication derives absolutely no benefit from any subscription to Unotelly, it is merely a great idea to be able to watch the Rugby World Cup via internet streaming. The editor is a paying subscriber to UnoTelly himself.


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