SwimKam, a revolutionary all-in-one anti-drowning solution, is now available in South Africa. Designed to ensure an integrated approach to water safety, SwimKam offers multiple layers of protection to prevent accidents in swimming pools and other bodies of water.

“The fact that there are still swimming pool drownings with other protection options in place says it all: One safety measure simply isn’t enough for an unattended body of water,” says SwimKam CEO Colleen Glaeser.

“This is why we developed SwimKam. Drowning shouldn’t be the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide. SwimKam provides a 360-degree view of your pool area at all times through three cameras accessed via our mobile app. In the event of an incident, a mobile push notification, with visuals, is automatically sent to pre-selected contacts, while an onboard siren alerts nearby caregivers, allowing for a fast, timeous way to request emergency services. This not only helps avert serious incidents but presents an opportunity to ensure the best possible care is provided should the worst happen.”

Developed by specialist engineers under the strictest European safety standards, SwimKam is a cost-effective, affordable anti-drowning solution. Highly portable and easy to use, it has multiple fail-safe measures to provide the additional safety-net all pool owners need to ensure that everyone using their pool is protected – whether someone is around or not.

“Boasting a long-lasting rechargeable battery, built-in illumination for night operation, and solar panels to ensure it is always on, SwimKam can be used in pools of all kinds, as well as any other unattended body of water like lakes, streams, and dams,” explains Glaeser.

“We believe we can become the leading global product on every swimming pool safety equipment checklist for any unattended pool or body of water, thereby significantly reducing the risk of drownings worldwide. We believe that everyone is responsible for playing their part in drowning prevention, and SwimKam is an essential part of that toolkit.”

A UK-based company with a global footprint that spans America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa and extends into parts of Africa, SwimKam is actively leading the charge against drownings. This pool safety system is ideal for protecting families, fur-kids and guests, whether the body of water is a private swimming pool, a public swimming pool, or a larger body of water.

“No installation is required, making SwimKam ideal for everyone needing to safeguard unattended waters. Whether parent, caregiver, retailer or business, SwimKam has you covered, leaving no room for accidents,” Glaeser says.

SwimKam’s efficacy has been proven, delivering measurable results among a rapidly growing customer base. The team is therefore looking for distributors and partners to help minimise incidents in the water among homeowners, hospitality venues with swimming pools, pool supply and equipment retail chains, and home and baby stores – in other words, anyone who can make a difference in pool safety.

Aiming to become the leading global product on every swimming pool safety equipment checklist for any unattended pool or body of water, SwimKam has partnered with South Africa’s leading online retailers and pool product outlets, with plans to expand its footprint via selected distributors. Retailers and distributors looking to add to their pool safety portfolio with a product that offers end-user peace of mind with great margins can contact SwimKam here.

“We know that with great responsibility comes great opportunity. Thousands of unattended bodies of water around the country would benefit from a 360-degree safety solution designed to reduce the number of drowning incidents. We are therefore calling on partners, distributors and resellers to help us save lives, providing the total peace of mind water safety needs,” Glaeser concludes.


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