Thabang Ratau - Graduate Recruitment Manager at Webber Wentzel

“The award is a testament to the immense efforts that have gone into developing our world class graduate recruitment programme that is geared at attracting talented candidates, who are driven and ambitious, to join the Webber Wentzel team,” says Thabang Ratau, Graduate Recruitment Manager at Webber Wentzel.

The crucial decision of where a graduate completes their articles, will ultimately lay the foundation for a solid career in law. “At Webber Wentzel we utilise our candidate attorneys to effectively be able to develop the skills required to build a successful legal career. After all, these are the future lawyers that will walk the legal hallways of the law profession and we see it as our duty to hone their skills and develop their experience in order to deliver well-rounded professionals that are able to make a positive contribution to the industry,” explains Thabang.

The South African Graduate Employers Association (SAGEA) Employers of Choice Awards are decided entirely by successful job hunters, who have received confirmed job offers from graduate employers. According to the survey, 50% of graduates that participated in the survey stated that they had their sights set on an aspirational employer of choice since starting university. An overwhelming 40% of participants further said that the overall reason for choosing that employer was largely due to the reputation of the company with 41% of candidates voting for their current employer.

“Webber Wentzel is widely regarded as South Africa’s leading full-service legal practice which is an achievement that is wholly due to the diverse and accomplished talent pool that the firm boasts,” says Thabang. “Webber Wentzel has its targets firmly set on becoming Africa’s best and our ability to do so is tied to the firm’s ability to invest in the future talent of the industry. This award confirms that we are on track,” concludes Thabang.

About the South African Graduate Employers Association (SAGEA) Employers of Choice Awards:
Now in its seventh year, The SAGEA Employers of Choice Awards celebrate the achievements of South Africa’s leading graduate employers. The purpose of the awards is to News from Webber Wentzel aid SAGEA members in their efforts to review the success of their graduate campaigns and help plan their future recruitment programmes.

About Webber Wentzel
Webber Wentzel is a leading South African law firm providing clients with innovative solutions to their most complex legal and tax issues.

With a staff complement of approximately 800 people, including over 400 lawyers, and offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Webber Wentzel’s market-leading position is reinforced by a number of accolades and achievements.

The firm’s collaborative alliance with Linklaters provides clients with market leading support across sub-Saharan Africa and beyond through Linklaters’ English Law, New York Law, Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone capability.
Webber Wentzel’s offering is enhanced by its network of best friend law firms across sub-Saharan Africa, and its associate membership of the Africa Legal Network, an integrated network of 13 African law firms.

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