AJS and B Deneys Attorneys

A young and dynamic law firm, B Deneys Attorneys aim to be innovative pioneers of the legal profession within the South African democracy by instilling its Constitutional values in the firm.  They aim to provide professional, accurate and innovative legal advice to all their clients.

They follow an inside-out approach by first holding on to their founding values of honesty, loyalty and integrity and then delivering expert and exceptional services. Accordingly, you can always expect to be treated with respect and dignity when dealing with them.

They recently implemented AJS Web legal accounting and practice management and have been very complimentary about how this has enhanced and streamlined their operations.

“I wish to compliment you as well as everyone on the AJS Team. The software is easy-to-use, always up to date and accurate. Your support staff is easily accessible and practically always available,” said Brandon Deneys, director at the firm.

“Your service brings me joy as it contains a personal touch which is specific to each and every customer. AJS is definitely a platform that I can recommend to all my colleagues in the legal profession,” he added.

“Always great to get such positive feedback,” said Digby Vickers, director at AJS.

For more information email sales@ajs.co.za or visit our website at www.ajs.co.za


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