AJS and BE Accounting Service

Belinda Ellis is a vastly experienced and highly respected accountant. Law firms have trusted her with their financial service requirements since 2009. The numerous clients under her watch were recently upgraded to AJS web version 3. She had the following to say:

“The latest version from AJS has placed them way above anything else available in the Legal accounting and management space. It is, simply put, the best system that I have ever worked on – and I have worked on many systems.”

“I must congratulate AJS and specifically their development team as version 3 is fantastic.  I just love everything about this version.  I work on various online programs, but this version is way above the rest,” she added.

“To get this wonderful feedback from someone as experienced and professional as Belinda is fantastic.” said Lazell Sprague, director at AJS South Africa. She is quite exacting and not easy to please so this is a real tribute to the AJS team.”

For more information email sales@ajs.co.za or visit our website at www.ajs.co.za


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