BR Rangata chooses AJS

BR Rangata Attorneys is a premier level 1 BBBEE boutique law firm that provides specialized legal and advisory services to business, industry, Government and private individuals in South Africa. BR Rangata Attorneys are absolutely committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct as well as regulatory compliance.  They are enthusiastic about the efficient and successful execution of their clients’ mandate so as to safeguard their interests and justify their trust in appointing them.

Each instruction is treated as a separate project.  They know that is law, there is no “one size fits all” solution.  Their strategy is precisely tailor made to meet their clients’ needs.  They have the right systems in place that ensure client expectations are consistently met and exceeded.

BR Rangata Attorneys take honesty towards their clients very seriously.  Their professionalism and mindfulness are ingrained in all they do.  Their initiative-taking approach and genuine concern for their clients is what differentiates them. The basis of their existence is their ability to act independently. 

“What prompted me to try AJS was my need for a program that will provide file management program and financial accounting, record keeping.  My first attempt at the program was very positive. The program is easy to use. Continued support 24/7.  Holistic management of the practice.  Record keeping is advanced.  I find the billing program very effective and saves us a lot of money. Files are billed daily. It is easy to reconcile accounts daily and sent updated statements to clients on monthly basis,” said Baitseng Rangata, founder and director of the firm. 

“The value add is way bigger than the fee that we pay. With the billing program that is so easy to use, we are able to bill on the go, and the system is flexible to various fee rates. I would recommend the program to practitioners; this will ensure that your practice is well managed and you are able to account to clients at any given time. Most importantly, come audit time, be it trust or business, information is readily available. It saves time, starting with information gathering and processing when it is needed. You have information at your fingertips at any time.  One is able to see what other junior staff is doing and track their work and billing,” she added.

“Wow, such kind words are so rewarding” says – Tshepo Mochabang, director at AJS South Africa.

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