de Goede Attorneys and AJS

A boutique law firm in Stellenbosch, De Goede Attorneys was established to assist clients with their legal problems by including them in the process and for them to understand the law applicable to their problem(s). Observation has shown that more often than not, clients blindly accept and follow advice from legal practitioners and it can have undesired consequences. De Goede want their clients to understand the outcome of their case and be satisfied with the service they received.

Client satisfaction is the main priority at De Goede attorneys. They always aim to improve their services to their clients by expanding their services offered, enlisting assistance from only the best legal practitioners, keeping up to date with the latest legal developments, and most importantly, the feedback they receive from their clients.

De Goede Attorneys are able to give their clients complete peace of mind and provide them with customized legal services. They offer a wide variety of civil law services such as estates, wills, curatorship, correspondence work, family law and evictions.

De Goede attorneys recently acquired the AJS web-based system and had the following to say about their experiences with the product and company:

“I required a legal software that is convenient, reliable, and affordable for a start-up firm. AJS ticked all the boxes, and the fact that it is cloud based and you can create your office files online, were added bonuses. What I appreciate from AJS is that they are accommodating to firms of all sizes, especially start-up firms – you are never treated as a ‘smaller’ client.  Prior to incorporating AJS into my practice, I did everything on Excel (which meant I had quite a few files that had to be imported). Technology and I are not friends. So much so, that I bothered Kevin to the nth degree.  Surprisingly, he was never irritated with me and remained steadfast in assisting me until everything was properly organised for the import.  Once everything was imported it was quite easy to get use to the system, the bookkeeping did take a bit longer to get used to, but here Annelie is just an absolute star,” said Emilia De Goede, director of the firm. 

“The software definitely added value to the practice (especially in the bookkeeping department). The online training offered by AJS is also an added bonus. The training is extremely helpful, and the presenters go out of their way to answer everyone’s questions.  The helpdesk and support staff are there to help instantly,” she added.

“Welcome to the AJS family” says – Tshepo Mochabang, director at AJS South Africa.

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