speechexecBirmingham Law Firm oversees administrative tasks and distributes departmental workload with optimised digital dictation solution from Philips.

Embracing technological changes
Operating from their central-Birmingham offices, the firm’s technical and administrative requirements were growing with the level of clients acquired; the office set-up needed a technological overhaul to accommodate administrative and client deadlines and a decision to update PCs, servers and the previous dictation system was made to align clerical traffic and electronic developments.

“SpeechExec Pro is less of a ‘dictation system’ and more a management tool for administrative deployment; the ‘at-a-glance’ interface contributes to effective document turnaround.” Annmarie Wilde, Partner, Coley & Tilley

Annmarie Wilde, Partner, recognised the office’s requirements to work at optimum speed and efficiency and the firm contacted dictation specialist SpeechWrite Digital, to recommend and install a new, more sophisticated digital solution. SpeechWrite implemented the Philips Pocket Memo recorders and software platform SpeechExec Pro.

Aligning administrative priorities
Authors benefited from the hardware ease-of-use – office fee-earners used the SpeechMike for desk-generated dictations and home-workers chose portable Pocket Memos for both dictations on the move and the physical autonomy of a non-wired device. The improved IT infrastructure meant that dictated files were sent for processing instantaneously, providing the secretary ample time to transcribe the file. The built-in priority function enabled fee-earners to allocate urgency to a particular file – a feature that was flagged to the transcriptionist with numerical ranking and colour coding to allow visibility for urgent work.

A complete departmental overview
DSS (Digital Speech Standard) recording files meant that sound clarity was perfectly optimised for the secretarial team and transcription work-lists and outstanding tasks were also formatted in the familiar “Outlook” style within SpeechExec Pro, with visible length, author and priority factors; allowing urgencies and spikes in workload to be managed, re-aligned inter-departmentally and strategically spread for ease of processing. Similarly, file archiving was less of a manual and laborious task when cross-referring storage files became redundant; the clerical organization of the SpeechExec Pro central storage system simplified file management and administrative house-keeping.

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