AJS and Lopes Attorneys

Lopes Attorneys Inc. was established in order to provide cutting-edge legal services. They approach every mandate with a wholistic, creative, and cutting-edge approach, engineering complex structures, formulating and implementing novel case strategies and creating new markets where appropriate.

They offer pioneering solutions and a unique project management system that allows them to deliver complex, multinational legal services through one point of contact whilst keeping their costs predictable. Above all, they listen to their clients.

“I am so pleased with AJS, its functionality is everything we have been looking for in a practice management software,” said Rui Lopes, managing director at the firm.

“This has made us more efficient and profitable,” he added.

“I am happy to have added value to our client,” said Tshepo Mochabang, director at AJS South Africa.

For more information email sales@ajs.co.za or visit our website at www.ajs.co.za


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