Naude Dawson Attorneys chooses AJS

Naude Dawson Attorneys is a young, dynamic and passionate law firm based in Sandton and Pretoria. They provide a comprehensive and valuable all-round service to their clients. 

They deliver innovative, solution-driven legal advice at a fair price.  They strive to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service and have an open door policy accepting communications from their clients outside of regular business hours.  

Naude Dawson Attorneys are committed to obtaining the best legal outcomes and their unwavering focus on customer service drives everything that they do. Their approach to complex legal challenges is to acquire a keen understanding of their clients’ needs and combine this with their legal expertise to arrive at the best possible solutions.

With this level of dedication to service delivery in mind, it became necessary to find a system that would be not time consuming and cumbersome. It also needed to be accessible from anywhere and easy to operate and maintain.  They needed a system that would enhance their service delivery.

They chose AJS

Mr. Xander Naude had the following to say about their decision and subsequent experiences in implementing the AJS system:

“As our firm began to grow we were advised by our auditor that the accounting software being used by our firm would not be sufficient for the accounting purposes of a law firm. The search started for reputable legal accounting software, but the majority of options in the market were either unaffordable or non-compliant with the stringent requirements of the Legal Practice Act. A consultant referred us to AJS and since our first communication, they have been helpful and professional. AJS assisted our law firm with a smooth, hassle-free transfer to their software, the take on experience was seamless as their support team imported all current clients without too much leg work on our side,”

“The training provided by AJS is crucial to confidently use the software, the training is conveniently provided either in person or by watching pre-recorded classes. We found the training to be adequate. The user experience is positive and caters for all attorney related needs. They have a support department during office hours who are easily reachable and have the know-how to easily guide the user through any snags.  We would highly recommend this service provider, they have a tried and tested product which they regularly improve by updating the system and releasing new features,” 

“We are delighted to that Naude Dawson has chosen AJS,” said Digby Vickers, director at AJS. Their energy and dedication is amazing and we look forward to a successful partnership with them for many years to come.”

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