LEGIS chooses AJS Accounting

Advocate Tinus Holliday is a Legal Practitioner of high regard and vast experience. “He is also a visionary with expertise in varied sectors of business, so when he made the choice for AJS we felt a very definite sense of pride in accepting the mandate,” states Digby Vickers, director at AJS.

A while after the implementation of the system there was, however, a bitter sweet reflection. “The AJS system was performing well and doing everything that was expected and more. It’s fast, it’s easily accessed from anywhere and it’s very cost effective. That’s the sweet part. The bitter part is that it should have happened far sooner than it did,” said Advocate Tinus Holliday.

“Gone are the days of billing at the end of the month via internal paperwork and because the system is so easy to operate I can be in contact with my clients and bookkeeper from wherever I am. I must state that it is one of the best decisions made and I was amazed to see how many hours and income I lost over the past decades. This amounts to millions of Rands,” he added.

“All that can be said from our side is that we are sure that it is far sweeter than bitter and that it is never too late to make the right choice,” Vickers added.

For more information email sales@ajs.co.za or visit our website at www.ajs.co.za


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