DRSM chooses AJS Accounting

It’s all about the timing! DRSM Attorneys switched to AJS’ Cloud-hosted solution just in time to beat the Covid lockdown. “Thank <goodness> we moved to the web,” said Duncan Rowe, managing partner at DRSM.

Sometimes you plan for things to happen in good time and sometimes those plans actually work out and when they work out then sometimes the one who did the planning is the most surprised of everyone. That is a good time to keep your surprise to yourself while continuing an aura of assured confidence that assumes that, with such meticulous planning, there could be no other result…..

Sometimes, although very, very rarely a plan comes together in such a way that, it not only achieves its intended outcome but COMPLETELY resolves a problem that did not exist before or during the planning stages and, unless your name is Nostradamus, then you cannot lay claim to this kind of genius.

Such was the case of the AJS project planning and implementation strategy for DRSM attorneys in Rosebank recently. A year or so ago DRSM and AJS decided on a plan to transfer all of their software platforms to the cloud and this was done methodically and systematically. This culminated with the AJS Enterprise Web conversion in February/March 2020.

The aim of the entire project was to reduce hassle, costs, risk and increase speed, efficiency and profitability. This resulted in an outstanding business decision but nobody could have predicted how exceptional this decision would turn out to be.

As Duncan Rowe, now famously, put it “thank <…> we moved to web!!”

As it turned out, 30 odd attorneys, secretaries, accounts and admin staff were able to work from anywhere in the World from about a week or 2 before the 27th of March 2020 – and we all know what that meant. OK so they could work from home – but you know what I mean!!

You can thank good planning, you might thank good business decisions – but sometimes you just thank the stars.


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