Mokgohloa chooses AJS

I recently had the privilege of meeting Tlou Mokgohloa, a dynamic Johannesburg attorney operating a firm from within the CBD. They employ 8 or 10 young professionals and they are like the proverbial “breath of fresh air”, much needed at the moment I must say!

It has become customary at AJS to arrange informal “post project” meetings to openly discuss the successes and shortfalls of each implementation – but over and above that, I wanted to meet the man who started a firm, secured a lucrative client base, implemented 2 AJS product solutions and set the standard for turnaround time in his particular line of work – all just before and during the lockdown period!

We don’t write about each and every project or the meeting that ensues, but Tlou’s journey over the last few months is remarkable and is worth telling

What a crazy time, in retrospect, to realise a dream of running your own law firm. Tlou launched Mokgohloa  Attorneys Inc  in November 2019. He had built up a solid reputation over the years and a couple of solid corporate clients would definitely ease the stress of going it alone – or so it seemed. 

November would provide enough time to settle in before the holidays and then he would hit it hard early in January 2020. Enough time to source an accounting and billing system, do some marketing, bring all his contacts up to date and so on. I bit like fueling up the rocket and counting down to launch in the New Year.

But the World had other plans and no sooner had the practice started when the virus and lockdown entered the scene. Rather than wait it out for who-knows-how-long, Tlou decided to take action and use the time to implement a system that would cater for all his processing and documentation requirements – remotely. He had already implemented AJS Express web for accounting and billing but he and his staff needed to be able to continue to provide turnaround times of 60 days or less on all their processes and recoveries instructions. 

So Tlou again approached AJS for a solution and the result is that he, his people and the specialists from AJS were able to specify, build, and implement a workflow and document solution that is a complete production line for their process work, all within a 2 week period. It is custom designed for their particular requirement and everyone can operate and collaborate from anywhere on the planet – including home!

Credit must be given to the AJS team who managed to do all of this seamlessly and cost effectively but it could not have happened without the foresight and buy-in from Tlou Mokgohloa and his team. They have not missed one deadline and they now are giving the big guys a real run for their money.

A final quote from Tlou: “Give yourselves credit you guys for helping us to up our game during what could have been a very unproductive, tough time.”

It is a remarkable story when you think about it.

Submitted by:
Digby Vickers
Director, AJS Software


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