mintekMintek Library has decided to adopt web technology and move towards offering a more online library service to Mintek, a global leader in mineral and metallurgical innovation.

Mintek endeavoured to find a library system that would meet the needs of all information seekers by providing them with the means to search the library collections seamlessly and locate information pertinent to research or that would aid in making strong business decisions. In addition, allowing access to information beyond the library’s stock was also a key factor.

For the librarian, the library management system needed to include functionality to execute tasks such as cataloguing of new library items, managing library users, creation of reports, a means to control stock, manage acquisitions and the borrowing/lending processes without the tedious administration that normally goes with these functions, thus freeing the librarian to focus on expanding services provided to the library users.

WorldShare Management Services (WMS) offer libraries cost savings, workflow efficiencies and the ability to deliver new value to users. Many libraries today are looking at ways to change the way they operate and save time and money.

“We found that WMS satisfied our requirements more than adequately and we look forward to the full functionality that it offers. We believe it to be a system that is intuitive and user friendly for Library and Mintek researchers alike. It is a system that we expect will increase efficiency and enhance user satisfaction, and lastly, it will be an essential tool that will assist with the management of stock and provision of comprehensive reports for management reporting.” said Manil Moodley (Head: Information, Mintek)

WMS provides cloud-based library management and discovery applications in an integrated suite, offering librarians a comprehensive and cost-effective way to manage library workflows efficiently and improve end users’ access to library collections and services. The applications include acquisitions, circulation, license management, metadata management, interlibrary loan, analytics and discovery.

“As a proud distributor of OCLC products and services in sub-Saharan Africa, and longstanding partner, we are able to provide unique world-class solutions to libraries in the region and so facilitate access to information effectively. Our aim is to enable libraries to share their resources efficiently, while saving costs”, Rosalind Hattingh (Managing Director, Sabinet) commented.

WMS have the WorldCat database as their foundation. This co-operatively created database containing millions of items in all formats allows libraries to benefit from other libraries’ efforts and to discover and share resources internationally. WMS further facilitates the sharing of data such as vendor records, publisher and knowledge base data, serials patterns and more, through a shared platform.

These are the benefits of WMS:

• Streamline and improve workflows
• Realise significant cost savings
• Manage print and electronic resources efficiently
• Improve discovery for users and visibility of the library
• Support and implementation are carried out locally

More about WorldShare Management Services can be found on the OCLC website.

About OCLC
Founded in 1967, OCLC is a nonprofit, membership, computer library service and research organisation dedicated to the public purposes of furthering access to the world’s information and reducing library costs. More than 74,000 libraries in 170 countries have used OCLC services to locate, acquire, catalogue, lend, preserve and manage library materials. Researchers, students, faculty, scholars, professional librarians and other information seekers use OCLC services to obtain bibliographic, abstract and full-text information when and where they need it. OCLC and its member libraries cooperatively produce and maintain WorldCat, the world’s largest online database for discovery of library resources. Search on the Web. For more information, visit the OCLC website.

About Sabinet
With a sound performance history of over 30 years, Sabinet has firmly established itself as a leader in facilitating access to a wide spectrum of high-quality and credible information sources. Over the course of the last three decades, Sabinet has built a strong local and international reputation for providing Africa’s information to the world and the world’s information to Africa. Sabinet’s mission to support libraries’ technical processes, promote resource sharing and enable access to information sources is underpinned by its commitment, partnerships, understanding and support. Sabinet’s roots are in library support services, where it is recognised for providing central platforms for collaboration and resource sharing among libraries.


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