AIS LogoLocal specialist software and IT service provider Assimilated Information Systems Pty Ltd. (AIS) is proud to mark its tenth year of operation and over a decade of success with its flagship solution DocFusion®.

AIS began operating in 2006 and its intellectual capital represents over 66 years of combined IT industry experience.

DocFusion®, first developed in 2005, is a dynamic document composition solution that provides document generation and workflow capability through safe, convenient and secure high quality end-production.

The solution is designed to help clients manage increasing volumes of documents and data in business.

Benefits to the user include highly customisable templates with the complexity driven by requirements; countless templates can be used and combined (each of which can source information or draw on information sent from the point of call).

2015 was a significant year for the company and this offering specifically – DocFusion® was officially secured as a registered trademark.

“With DocFusion® we have a solution that precisely and effectively helps organise documents. If one considers the level of information that businesses deal with and the need to comply with data regulation, the integration of a solution that equips users with the ability to better manage processes and procedures is invaluable,” says Ernest Kleynhans, Managing Director of AIS.

Kleynhans points out that DocFusion®, with its post-processing ability, allows organisations to produce documents in multiple formats, including PDF, Word, and HTML – and distribute those through multiple channels i.e. email or web.

“We have now secured trademark status on this offering, which protects this intellectual property and our investment. We believe DocFusion® is unique and offers value on a separate level to what is currently available,” Kleynhans adds.

AIS is confident of its value proposition to the market and looks forward to further engaging established and emerging markets.

About Assimilated Information Systems (AIS) Pty Ltd.
Assimilated Information Systems (AIS) Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of e4, is an established South African product and services provider specialising in document generation, digital signing, process management, forms governance and desktop or mobile data origination. It was established to supply large companies and multi-nationals, and leverages off its inherent intellectual capital – representing over 66 years of combined IT industry experience.


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