AJS Black November

What a month!

As you may all be aware, AJS is turning 44 in January 2023. 

And to celebrate this milestone, we undertook to give 44 (one client for every year that we have been around) new clients who signed up with AJS during the month of November, 6 months of AJS products for free. 

With no hidden fees and no unexpected terms and conditions! 

In fact, there were no questions asked and no small print. At all. We provided something a little different during Black November – a Black November deal that delivers exactly what it says it will. Simple as that. 

And this – we believe – is testimony to our faith in ourselves to deliver exactly what we say we will. 

But why did we do this, you may be thinking?

It’s pretty straight forward actually –  

Ø  We did this because we know how brilliant our products are; 

Ø  We did this because we know that once AJS is incorporated into a law firms’ day-to-day life, there is simply no going back;

Ø  We did this because we genuinely believe that our products will change the way a law firm practices – for the better! 

Ø  We did this because we have the utmost faith in our products and the services we offer, and 

Ø  We believe that once a new client tries us out, they will have the same belief in our products that we do. So much so, that you could say that we “put our money where our mouths are”.

But little did we realise how successful our Black November Deal would be. And we couldn’t be prouder. 

So, it is at this point that we want to both thank and welcome all the many new clients who signed up and took advantage of our deal – we cannot wait to get to know all of you! 

Welcome to the AJS family!

We also wanted to take the opportunity to express how grateful we are. It is because of our clients that we are who we are – the absolute best in class legal tech that money can buy. It is because of our clients that AJS remains alive and kicking – which is now (almost) 44 years. It is because of our clients that we are constantly driven to continually improve on what we offer.  

We are genuinely excited about the prospect of extending our family and getting to know all the new faces.  You see, whilst we pride ourselves on our service offerings and our unique and custom-made products, we are also extremely proud of the close relationships we develop with our clients from day one. Relationships we undertake to cultivate as the years go by. 

In fact, every year we embark on a much-anticipated road show visiting all our valuable clients scattered around our beautiful country.  We always make a concerted and conscious effort to not only keep in touch with our clients via telephone and email, but in person too. 

Because – no matter the size and no matter where a law firm may be situated, they are part of the AJS family. As such, they are guaranteed of not only an individualized touch but best in class and top-notch service. Always!

So, all that there is really left to say is this – Choose growth. Choose AJS!

Join the AJS family today! 


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