Library Week by Sabinet

South African Library Week (SALW) is observed annually, with the 2023 celebration being held from 20 to 26 March under the theme “Libraries: telling powerful stories”. Libraries have always played a vital role in society, providing access to information and knowledge. Sabinet, with its foundation in library services, has played a pivotal role in the library and online information sector for 40 years.

At Sabinet, we recognise the value of libraries within communities and honour their contribution towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sabinet has, for decades, worked closely with libraries to provide innovative solutions that meet their ever-evolving needs.

Our commitment to improving library services and access to information is underpinned by our long-standing partnership with OCLC, a global library co-operative. Together, our products, services, programs, and research help every type of library work smarter, collaborate better, and meet the changing needs of their users. WorldShare Management Services (WMS) is OCLC’s fully integrated library platform designed to meet the changing needs of modern libraries. As an integrated suite of library management and discovery applications, it offers librarians a comprehensive and cost-effective way to manage workflows efficiently and improve access to collections and services. The cloud-based system also reduces risks associated with storage of important data, eliminates the need to manage servers, and empowers librarians to focus on their primary roles. Since 2015, Sabinet has led the rollout of WorldShare Management Services to 17 libraries across Southern Africa, and to date more than 700 libraries have implemented WMS worldwide.

At Sabinet, we celebrate the powerful stories of libraries and librarians, highlighting their achievements and significant impact on communities and society. Let us all share stories of individuals whose lives have been changed by libraries, and let’s honour the vital role that libraries and librarians play in promoting literacy, enabling access to information, and providing safe, welcoming spaces for all.

Sabinet remains committed to supporting the Library and Information (LIS) sector and continues to invest in innovative solutions that help libraries better-serve their communities. Get involved by engaging your local library during SALW and together, let us appreciate the crucial role played by libraries (both physical and virtual) in our communities.

For more information on Sabinet’s suite of services, visit, mail, or call +(27) 12 643 9500.


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