e4March brought with it an exciting development within the e4 Group, with the launch of a legal subsidiary focussed on attorney solutions. The new subsidiary, e4 Legal Studio, will have national presence with its head office based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

e4 Legal Studio will take control of four existing products – e4 Bonds, e4 Transfers, e4 Rates and e4 Deed, all of which were previously incorporated into the e4 Group.

Julie Anley of e4 will take on the role of Managing Director with Clive Bredenkamp in the position of Chief Technology Officer. Additional e4 Legal Studio employees will be made up of a dedicated group of existing e4 staff members who will focus primarily on legal solutions.

“We are proud of this new development,” says Anley. “The new subsidiary will focus on an improved client service through the advancement of our product offering. “The core team who have worked on the product suite within e4 will be dedicated to delivering a comprehensive attorney solution within e4 Legal Studio at an accelerated pace. The winners will be our clients!”

Leadership at e4 describes this latest development as a new chapter in the growth and expansion of this influential business.

Luis Casaleiro, CEO of e4, says the creation of the new subsidiary is yet another indication that e4’s expansion strategy continues to be successful. “We look forward to providing a greater offering for clients and have every faith that e4 Legal Studio will grow from strength to strength. This is an exciting time to be part of e4 Legal Studio, both for clients and the dedicated team under Julie’s direction alike” Casaleiro adds.

About e4
e4 is an established technology company and national provider of solutions and services to key market segments, including Banking & Legal, Credit and Data industries. The business is one of innovation and the development of customised, managed technology solutions for a rapidly expanding marketplace. For more information on the company visit www.e4.co.za.


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