Sabinet 40th celebration

It is said that “knowledge is power” and Sabinet, previously known as the South African Bibliographic and Information Network, has been a direct power source of knowledge for four decades—nationally as well as globally. Sabinet is recognised as a leading library services provider and an aggregator of premier Southern African research content and journals. The organisation plays an instrumental role in the Library and Information sector and is at the forefront of creating capacity and broadening resources for libraries, their users, and other information seekers in a cost-effective manner.

Since being founded by libraries in 1983, Sabinet has become a trusted source for over 1,200 organisations in South Africa, Africa, and the world at large. 

’40 to the future’

Over the past four decades, Sabinet has developed services that enable easy access to credible online information for an ever-changing world, while remaining committed to socially and environmentally responsible business practices. The theme: 40 to the future was, therefore, created to recognise Sabinet’s anniversary as a sustainable, key role player in the information industry. 

For decades, Sabinet has forged meaningful partnerships to strengthen its role in the industry, and to create an environment in which its people can thrive and innovate, ensuring that Sabinet remains a leader in its field.

Managing director, Rosalind Hattingh, has been with Sabinet for 37 of these 40 years. She believes in the quote attributed to Francis Bacon: “Knowledge is power.” She explains, “The more information you have access to, the better-informed decisions you will be able to make and ultimately advance growth and development. Access to credible and accurate information facilitates development and success. Sabinet contributes to the growth of Africa’s knowledge economy—and in turn its economic growth—by enabling and facilitating information access for Africa, as well as global access to African resources.”

The recipe for success? Combining two powerful tools: Technology and innovation, as well as collaboration with partners and clients from different industries to enable an outside-in perspective.

Even though the past is vital in shaping the future, Sabinet continuously focuses on tomorrow to ensure that it remains future proof for its people, clients, and stakeholders through collaboration, transformation, and innovation. Sabinet’s relevance is as important as its successes and it believes it can play an important role in building South Africa and the African continent. 

Sabinet Discover: Credibility is Key

With so much information readily available online, some of which is questionable, credibility has become key. Sabinet has made it their priority to provide access to legitimate, accurate information. through their latest research platform, Sabinet Discover, which brings together information, cloud technology, and exceptional service. This platform assures users of easy access to accurate and reliable information, as well as offering linking between relevant resources to facilitate serendipitous information discovery.

A Touch of Nostalgia

Sabinet was established in 1982, but was formally constituted in 1983. Its founders had a clear goal in mind: to improve access to information for users and in doing so, to empower people through knowledge. 

Today, its products and services offer benefit to a wide variety of libraries and their end-users, as well as independent researchers and information seekers from around the world. Sabinet’s mission is to enable access to reliable and credible online information, backed by exceptional customer service. 


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