Spartan Caselaw team

For three years we have developed the optimum case law platform, which we will now be rolling out in other African countries and overseas. The Spartan Caselaw platform enables just three of us editors to totally outperform the established large publishers. We select, summarize and deliver 14 recent cases a day, along with the latest legal news and updates, in an interactive online experience with search functions.

Preneshan Pillay and Louis Podbielski bring a wealth of law reporting experience from Lexis and Juta while Soyeon Podbielski has built our systems with the Korean industry culture of speed, service and efficiency. We already have “first options” taken for certain countries. We supply and maintain the complete package of the Spartan platform so that the local law reports editors can easily input their own case law summaries in an online portal and the cases go live immediately. Watch the video on our homepage to see the features ➡ ⬅


We get so many requests from authors of printed legal books, who say that they get peanuts in royalties and have their IP rights cramped. We are responding and are setting up operations to handle the publishing of printed legal works, starting in January 2025. You will (1) get a healthy profit share and (2) retain full copyright in your own work. Speak to Louis about the Spartan platform or your legal book


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