conveyancing exam results 2024

It is required of examiners appointed in terms of the Legal Practice Act of 2014 as amended, to conduct examinations in respect of the law, practice and procedure of conveyancing, to satisfy themselves, based on written and oral examinations, that candidates have satisfactorily
answered the questions put to them and have shown that they possess sufficient practical knowledge of the said subjects. Candidates need to be familiar with Conference Resolutions and Chief Registrars Circulars up until 2023.

Examination Criteria
The written examination comprises two papers. Kindly note that to afford candidates more time, the papers are written on separate days.

First Paper
Wednesday, 24 April / 18 September 2024 (9:00 – 11:15)
The first paper, which consists of short questions, is designed to test the knowledge of the candidates of various statutes, ordinances and decided cases applicable to conveyancing. One hundred [100] marks are awarded to this paper.

Second Paper
Wednesday, 17 April / 11 September 2024 (09:00 – 13:15)
The second paper is designed to test the competence of a candidate mainly in the practice and procedure of conveyancing. It consists of questions which require candidates to draft such deeds, certificates, applications, consents, agreements, and other documents as will indicate whether candidates possess enough practical knowledge. Two hundred [200] marks are awarded to this paper.

Pass requirements
A score of 50% for each of the two written papers constitutes a pass mark, and candidates will, in the ordinary course, not be required to present themselves for an oral examination if an aggregate of 50% or more is achieved in each paper.
The examiners do, however, have the right to request an oral examination of any candidate to satisfy themselves that a candidate has sufficient knowledge of the subjects. Candidates who achieve a score of 40% to 49% have failed the examination but will qualify for an oral
examination. A candidate who achieves an aggregate of less than 40% in each paper fails and is required to rewrite the examination.
The candidate who achieves a score of 50% in any one of the two papers will be allowed to carry that score over, and it will not be necessary to rewrite that paper, provided the candidate passes the outstanding paper within two (2) years.

The first paper is a two-hour paper (09:00 – 11:15).
The second paper is a four-hour paper (09:00 – 13:15)

Candidates will, in both papers, be granted an additional 15 minutes to study the questions before they write.



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