r1-offerA message from Afrihost to current users: My partners and I were brainstorming over a beer the other day and we had a thought: What if anyone who wanted to try out any of our ADSL products could… For only R1,00?

Well, now you can get it for R1…

Surely that would be an offer no-one wanting to connect to the Internet could refuse?

A true ‘steal’ of a deal?

Now I know you are already our client.

But I bet you you know someone who is not our client and would love to try us out for just one buck.

No catches.

Please do THEM (and us) a favour and let them know about this.

(And if you want to pick up a “R1 Steal” special for yourself then you are also most welcome to!)

So how does this work?

You can try our ADSL packages, both Capped and Uncapped, and only pay R1.00 for the package you choose.

At the moment we have capped ADSL up to 20GB and uncapped ADSL up to 1024 kbps available.

You will get the full service and package until the end of August.

If you enjoy your Afrihost experience and decide to keep the account you will then start paying the normal monthly price from the beginning of September.

If you are not happy for any reason at all you can easily cancel online before the 24th of August and never pay us another cent more than that first R1.00.

You can try us out completely risk free – There are no contracts and no obligation to stay with us for any length of time.

So how are we doing this?

We have allocated a certain amount of our marketing budget to subsidise the R1 Steal signups, so we do have a limited number available.

If you go to our site and the offer is not available anymore then that means that we are unfortunately sold out of the R1.00 packages.

Please also note that each client is limited to one R1 Steal package.

So would you please help me out?

1. Go to http://www.afrihost.com and grab one now if you need another account (just remember to cancel before the 24th of August if you don’t want to keep it)

2. Tell your friends and family to go to http://www.afrihost.com and get the R1 Steal account now – I’d love them to give our ADSL a full go till the end of August for just R1.

As always my sincere thanks for your business and your time!

Warm regards


CEO, Afrihost

P.S. This is the only time you’ll hear the owner of a business saying ‘Please steal from us’! I’d suggest you make use of it! Go to http://www.afrihost.com and grab a R1,00 Steal while they’re still available.


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