afrikaansIn a previous article we showed how to use extended characters on a Windows computer – which is often used by many people. But then Michelle caught me a little off-guard by asking how you could do this on your BlackBerry mobile. Thanks to Pieter we found a solution..

Says Pieter, “Really easy I’m also afrikaans. So ek kort ook soms die “special characters” If i need an “ê” all you do is hold the e button in and scroll up or down. Same applies for ñ and ô, ö Works perfectly on my BB Torch” – and to make sure I did not make a tool of myself, I checked it and it works 100%, great discovery thanks Pieter. Blackberry support did answer my first request to solve this (by telling me they would come back to me), but ignored my “reminders for response”.

Michelle did mention that it works in email but not on SMSs – so I would imagine that on the version 5 of the BlackBerry operating system the extended characters work a little differently to that of the latest software – but that is where this powerful community comes into play….If you have a BlackBerry with the older version of OS can you tell us how to get the deelteken in SMSs?

Many thanks to Michelle and Pieter for assisting everyone with this topic.


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