feesThere is a motivation from the Deeds Office to increase the schedule of fees very soon, the proposal is currently awaiting approval from the Minister’s office. The transfer of land with reference to transfers and bonds seems to have a R50 Increase across-the-board; there are a few exceptions which are lower – in fact three items. The “Report to court made by the registrar in terms of section 97 of the Act”, will increase by 40%.

For a copy obtained through any other electronic system or issued by a registrar in terms of regulations 66, 67 and 70 of the Act seem to have gone unchanged.

The DOTS tracking system price per search will go up 50%.

Searches of person, property or deeds will increase by 50%. This is the biggie as most third party search vendors mark this up and it should be interesting to see how the vendors increase their charges to accommodate the Deeds Office increase. For the bulk searches, this fee has increased from R1.00 just 4 years ago. If the proposal goes through, the increase will have been 500% over 4 years.

To see the current Schedule of Fees from the Deeds Office you can visit this URL at DeedsWeb:



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