ellies saving powerEllies Renewable Energy has as of April 2012, through its free installations into homes of energy efficient products, exceeded the initial 45 Megawatt target. The Project Power Save campaign, which aimed on reducing 45MW off the national grid between February and March, has been successfully completed reaching a total 53.6 MW by the original deadline of 31 March 2012.

This success has enabled Eskom to allocate Ellies another 30MW to remove off the national grid, and on 28 March 2012 Ellies signed a new contract as an extension of phase one. The new project is set to start on 1 April 2012 and end on 30 June 2012, and aims to further reduce energy consumption. The second phase of the project will visit roughly 140 000 homes and employ a further 500 installers.

The campaign, will continue see Elsat accredited installers visiting homes on a national level  to achieve a further reduction off the power grid. This will allow  a larger focus on supplying LED lamps, showerheads and geyser timers into homes to provide energy efficient and power saving solutions. Homeowners can continue to book their installations until end June 2012.

We are most pleased with the 45MW achievement, and with the additional target allocated to us” notes Gary Wiltshire of Ellies Renewable Energy. “South Africans on a national level have embraced the opportunity with Eskom seeing the benefit. It is imperative that we start this culture of change to ensure going forward we can all benefit and avoid power shortages”

Reaching target four days before end March 2012, Ellies has over the 7 week period visited over 270 000 South African households. The renewable energy brand has embraced the campaign as a means to not only reduce strain off the national grid, but to also start a culture of energy conscious South Africans, ensuring a sustainable and green future. The campaign, although greatly benefitting Eskom, has over the period also contributed heavily to skills development and job creation. To date almost 2900 people have been trained and employed with this total set to rise as Phase 1 continues to June 2012.

All households across the country qualify for free replacements and are encouraged to participate, not only to assist in decreasing power demands but also to benefit from the long-term savings in their electricity cost.   
For more information please contact Ellies directly: Customer care 0861 355 437 or log onto www.elliesrenewable.co.za and provide your details. Ellies will contact an installer in the relevant area to action your installation.   
Households need to verify the accreditation and identification of the installer before allowing them into their homes.
Ellies Holdings Limited a leading South African manufacturer, wholesaler, importer and distributor in diversified sectors, including consumer goods, renewable and energy savings and infrastructural power and telecommunications, servicing the local and African markets.



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