johannesburgThis technology forum for attorneys WILL deliver improved efficiencies in your firm. Guaranteed! The Gauteng TechShare 2012 is being held on the 22nd May 2012 at the Johannesburg Law Society of South Africa Learning Centre. Seats are limited to the first 40 respondents.

What is TechShare?
TechShare is a round-table event that discusses technology and marketing productivity in South African law firms. Previous events in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Durban over the last six months have been extremely beneficial to those that have joined this forum.

The bottom line for all law firms is to make money, either by making more, or by trimming down the overheads. Technology plays a huge role in South African law firms; let us find ways to tweak this perceived dead-weight into a real productivity tool.

Malcolm Pearson of Tech4Law will start off the event by sharing cost cutting and marketing ideas. (Some marketing ideas actually reject all technology.)

The discussion will promote:

  • sharing the systems used at the firms
  • great technology discovered by other firms
  • sharing vendor issues/features with other firms
  • technology cost cutting and revenue generating ideas
  • marketing ideas with and without technology
  • using technology to enhance the brand of the law firm
  • independent of any vendor, unless agreed by the group for input.

There will be a monetary gain for all firms attending.
To establish a forum that stands together, not only in discussing technology and marketing, but also by negotiating better service, better systems and fair pricing from suppliers.

Partners or staff who are responsible for:

  • Technology decisions at the firm
  • Marketing and promotion of the firm.

22nd May 2012
12:40 for 13:00 until 16:00


Naledi Room
Johannesburg Law Society of South Africa Learning Centre
1 Richmond Forum, Corner of Cedar and Napier Roads
Richmond, Auckland Park, Johannesburg
Phone: (011) 726 4154

Your Investment?
R599 per person including VAT.

Discovering one extra hour to bill for your firm will more than pay for this exclusive event and it includes the membership to the TechShare forum.

If by the end of the event, or anytime thereafter you feel the
R599 was not worth the money invested, we will reimburse you in full.

Please confirm via email before end of business on 17th May 2012 to Please provide company details for us to create a VAT invoice for your firm.

Parting note
Long gone are the days when technology produced a letter – it has become a partner in your firm. Your choice is…….

….whether that partner is a cost, or a serious fee earner.

Seats are very limited, so click here now to book your seat.

Malcolm Pearson


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