isuperuserThe internet is an extremely powerful tool that has completely revolutionised the way the world works. Used correctly, it has the potential to inform, educate, entertain and uplift. It touches every part of our lives. We write emails at work, check Google for the latest sports scores and movies and hop onto Facebook on our cellphones to see what our friends are doing. However,

many people stick to safe territories because they don’t know what else is available. Others avoid going online completely because they are worried about their safety or daunted by the scope and unfamiliarity of the internet.

GetSmarter, the leading online training firm in South Africa, has created the Internet Super-User textbook to remedy this. The one-of-a-kind textbook has been designed by internet and teaching experts to bring internet novices up to speed with the online world. It teaches beginners everything they need to know about getting started online, and helps intermediate users make the most out of advanced web tools and concepts. Best of all, it’s completely free.

Internet Super-User students learn a comprehensive and varied set of skills: just a few of these include using web browsers and search engine, researching online, using social networking tools like Facebook and blogs, keeping in touch with Skype, buying online and staying safe on the internet. No other learning resource of this kind exists, designed specifically for internet beginners.

The Internet Super-User textbook is presented in three formats: as a free downloadable PDF that can be printed, as a structured and detailed website, and as part of GetSmarter’s online Internet Super-User course. The textbook itself contains high-quality content that is continuously updated and thoroughly referenced, so students get only the latest and best information. In addition to the comprehensive and up-to-date notes, students receive a wealth of links and resources, and can take part in an interactive discussion forum community.

GetSmarter uses a unique blend of technology and teaching know-how to make the Internet Super-User textbook an entertaining and highly practical learning experience. The focus is always on practical outcomes, which means that every chapter and section gives the student real skills that can be used immediately. In addition, learning online has its own benefits: no travelling, no scheduled lectures, no hidden costs or time wasted. Students can simply open the website or PDF, learn and do as much as the want, and return when next they have a free moment.

The internet puts the power of education in the hands of the individual, and GetSmarter enables anyone to tap into the power of the internet. 

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