service_bellThere is nothing more soul destroying than helping people and then seeing them turf out what you have done for them, especially when they get it for nothing. And whenever you meet them face to face they tell you that what you are doing is really great. So Tech4Law needs you to click (once) on our survey to establish how we can serve the legal community better – no face to face questions, no name attached – just the bare facts.

You see, we offer Tech4Law at no charge to our subscribers and to anyone searching the web, we did this on purpose, so that we could offer this money generating e-publication to the legal community with maximum benefit to all involved. We derive our income from suppliers who advertise with Tech4Law to better promote and educate the market about their products.

Tech4Law has 9650 email subscribers from the local legal market at present and it really is sole destroying to see somebody unsubscribe to the email notifications – my wife says Tuesdays are my “blue” day, as a single unsubscribe really destroys my day. SO….

We want to improve Tech4Law by asking you to take the 1(one) click survey to tell us what we need to do, to better our e-publication and thereby improve your business. If none of these survey points match what you want from Tech4Law, please email us, or just add a comment below.

3(three) last points 😉

  1. You should do a survey every now and then to your VIP (Very Important People) to ask them how you can improve your service to them. You don’t need a Tech4Law type web site, but can use a survey web site like – it is free for the simple surveys, and records all of the feedback for you.
  2. Please, please spread the word about Tech4Law to colleagues and friends, you can do so by using the subscribe link on the home page.
  3. Thank you to all our suppliers who support the e-publication, your support allows us to service the community at no charge. Please support them where ever you can, they deserve it.


We love what we do here at Tech4Law, help us to focus on the right topics to assist you better in your business.

Thank you in advance
The Tech4Law Team 😉


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