lexinfologoThe topic for the Lex Informatica 2010 conference on Cyber law is “Integrating Cyberlaw with Business Management and IT Security”. We submit that this conference does not only further the debate on cyber security and cyber-law matters but has also become an integral part of the international conferencing calendar.

The conference is targeted at Legal Practitioners and Legal Consultants, Compliance Managers, IT managers, Legal advisers, Magistrates, Academics and Prosecutors to discuss and evaluate the legal aspects of, Intellectual property, e-globalization, Procedural Law Aspects, Cyber Security, IT-Management and IT-Governance, Quality Management, Telecommunication law, Domain names, Cyber Crime, Cyber Security , E-Consumerism and E-commerce transaction.

Please consult www.lex-informatica.org for updates on the event.

Please distribute in your department, local intranet and contact me on 083 477 4377 for any further info.

Contributed by:
Sizwe Snail


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