Softlog Systems (Pty) Ltd has appointed Iposi Net (Pty) Ltd as the sole Importer and Distributor of the Softlog suite of products in Southern Africa. Iposi Net has also entered into a agreement with Korbicom to act as our Reseller in, but not limited to, the legal market.

Product-wise, Softlog is seen to be a complimentary fit with Korbicom’s practice management software, GhostPractice. Furthermore iposinetSoftlog integrates directly with existing practice management solutions, such as GhostPractice, thus enabling law firms to softlog australiaautomate both the tracking and recovery of their office expenses, resulting in less time spent on billing, while ensuring all office expenses are recovered from clients.

Korbicom is a Reseller of the Softlog suite in South Africa.

Contributed by:
Iposi Net (Pty) Ltd

16 Monte Carlo Crescent

Kyalami Business Park

South Africa
Phone: +27 11 267 6444



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