massivtvMassiv TV has reshaped the lives of thousands of commuters by providing free-to-air television on a number of varied public transport platforms. Now the Channel has gone one step further with the launch of Massiv 3GTVm – the first of its kind in the country to combine the latest generation of broadcasting technologies with the importance of advertiser accountability.

Employing cutting-edge 3G mobile expertise, Massiv 3GTVm is able to deliver TV content to any mobile platform located anywhere in the world that enjoys some form of GSM coverage, at any time of the day.

With location-based smart adds, the ability to track and report problems within the system, as well as providing the advertiser with detailed flighting statistics, Massiv 3GTVm delivers unsurpassed media opportunities to advertisers, some of which have never been possible before.

Massiv Client, a brand new web-based software application developed exclusively for Massiv TV, provides detailed flighting statistics to advertisers accurately, and in real time. “This application allows advertisers to judge for themselves, just how well their advertising investment is working for them and how wide their advertising reach is when measured in terms of viewer audience,” explains Massiv TV CEO, Tiff Willemse. “No other advertising medium is able to offer this kind of advertiser accountability and transparency to advertisers.”

Incorporating 20-inch LCD screens, Massiv 3GTV’s latest generation of players have been designed to military specifications to cope with the rigours of a mobile environment. Each player has the dynamic ability to track and report any problems into MASSIV Central, yet another highly specialised software administration tool developed exclusively for Massiv TV. Massiv Central automatically records and reports all player problems and even tracks the fault to ensure that a technician immediately attends it to.

Another innovation is the launch of Massiv Channel, a dedicated TV channel that caters to the unique requirements of a commuter audience. “The Channel features a greater variety of shorter duration content, which aims to entertain and inform, ranging from up-to-date news and sports clips to weather forecasts,” says Willemse. “Most of the content is produced in-house, while the balance is selectively sourced from media suppliers throughout the world.”

To date, 100 players installed aboard Metrobusses have already been converted to Massiv TV’s new 3GTV broadcasting standard, the remainder of the conversion process scheduled for completion by the end of October 2011.

Massiv TV is embarking on their annual roadshow in mid October through to end November. The third of its kind, the roadshow is a must for media agencies and marketing teams itching to learn more about and become a part of Massiv TV and their innovative 3G offering.


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