Prodial (SA) are proud to offer a world first in South Africa – a unique product that has been missing in professional consulting for far too long. Prodial is a patented business concept which allows professionals to automatically generate revenue from their incoming phone calls from wherever they happen to be without doing anything other than consult. You don’t even collect your payment, we will pay your consulting fee straight into your bank account.

That’s right! no time recording, no taking notes, no need to send out statements, no need to be in the office at all – just TALK. Your calls are received on your EXISTING cell phone or land line but via a separate unique number so the caller does not need to know your private cellular phone number. You simply direct (yourself online) calls between your phones or to a colleague if you can’t or you don’t want to take professional calls.

Your clients or new clients simply phone your unique Prodial number and they are charged on their monthly phone account for the call on a per minute rate that you select via the Prodial website. Prodial then pays your revenue straight into your bank account every month, it’s that simple.

You can use your Prodial number personally, or you could create a mini call centre with your organization using your qualified employees to perform the consultations.

Prodial’s intellectually integrated website is also a fantastic tool for you to attract new clients as you have the option to list yourself on the website. Your secure username and password will enable you to retrieve recorded calls, switch/divert calls to alternate numbers and view your caller statistics.

Currently the service only allows Vodacom subscribers to call you, however we are negotiating interconnection rates with other carriers and we have other exciting options which we will implement along the way. But get on board now as we will offer this to you FREE (Dedicated Prodial extension) send us your application through our site and then simply earn by the minute for the professional advice given on your Prodial number.



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