City of Tshwane

From City of Tshwane to Pretoria Attorneys Association dated 6th July 2020

As per the meeting held on 9th June 2020 regarding the challenges of the backlog of clearance applications. The City made a commitment to tackle these challenges and to reduce the backlog and the turnaround time with the limited resources amid the situation that is faced by the whole country.

To date 679 Attorneys have registered on the online platform and 1407 profiles are linked to them. Only 705 of these are actively utilizing the system.

In order to track progress made to date, table below has been prepared for ease of reference.

Table 1: Total Applications and Issued Figures and Certificates


An additional 150 Certificates were made available on the 5th July 2020, which is not reflected on the table above, as this are expected to be posted at night-time and made available the following day.

Based on our norms and standard we’re expected to ensure that Clearances figures are issued within 7 days and certificate issued within 5 days of application. However, the City is has been seriously impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The current situation depicts that on average it takes us 19 days to make figures available, and 6 days for the certificates. A turnaround plan is being put in place to ensure that we return the situation to normal.

Table 2: Average Days taken to issue figures and certificate

As per table below majority of applications are less than 30 days overdue. We have restructured the current limited resources and put in additional hours in order to normalize the situation.

Table 3: Ageing report on applications

It is noted with concern that conveyancers\attorneys tend to duplicate applications with the intention of fast tracking their applications instead of escalating delayed or urgent request, resulting in incorrect status of matters which needs attention. An enhancement is being looked at to avoid duplicate application.

A decision was taken not spread our resources all over but instead focus on the first in first out principle. This will also assist in illuminating duplicate applications.

Table 4: Duplications


•   As mentioned above, one of the factors contributing to the delays are duplicate applications.

•   Non-availability of reading result in delays as in some instance accounts are estimated and latest readings are required to update billing status.

•   It is found that in most instances incorrect account numbers are used or linked during the application.

•   Non-availability of officials due to the buildings having to be sanitized or fumigated as a result of confirmed COVID case.

Action plan

•   The process will be re-aligned, and the backlog cleared within 2 weeks

•   The clearance certificates will be made available upon request within 5 days of receipt of payment.

•   First in first out principle will apply when attending to applications.

•   Additional resources will be added to the platform.

•   Fast track response on queries logged on delayed or rejected applications.

•   Procure additional Laptops to lessen the impact when offices are closed

The City is working tirelessly to ensure that we bring back the situation to normality.

It must be said that without this system it would have been hard to track the actual application and give the exact status from the City and from the Conveyancer’s side. Therefore, the online system (e-Clearance) must be commended.

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