e4 LogoThe LAW Group has announced a “brand” new name following its recent restructure to consolidate operations in January 1, 2014. The transformation from LAW Group to e4 is an exciting expression of the company’s well-known and respected positioning as a leading edge technology company within the South African market.


The new e4 brand is a well-considered move in support of the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and future plans to becoming a leader in electronic innovation locally and abroad, shaping industries and their clients’ businesses through technology.

Since inception, the company consistently introduced cutting edge technology into the market. The company’s products and services have revolutionised industries with its customised solutions in banking, legal, credit and data and continues to do so with innovations such as ProSign, an industry first, recently launched by e4, offering encryption and signing technology.

The company’s solid performance in the market place became evident when the Group’s review ending 2013 highlighted three consecutive years of record strategic and financial successes under the strong leadership of its focused and experienced executive team.

The company’s new structure and positioning is a deliberate endeavour to reflect the stakeholders’ and executives’ vision going forward, not only for business innovation, but innovation in general. Opportunities exist for which the company wishes to align itself beyond the immediate, necessitating the recent events.

The LAW Group therefore required a name and positioning that epitomizes both core promise and product offering relating to electronic solutions, technology and strategic e-commerce.

“To this end, we renamed our company e4 – a name that clearly differentiates in substance and image – a name that refers to a successful opening move in chess – a trusted, strategic first move” explains Luis Casaleiro, Group CEO.

“The name represents our strongest attributes; delivering on trust and offering a strategic approach. Our logo reinforces our bold and progressive thinking and now represents a truly leading edge electronic solutions company,” concludes Casaleiro.


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