Tech4Law now available in 100 languages

We have made a few changes to the website, to further extend our reach with readers and to increase our range of topics.

We wanted to offer our content to neighbouring states as well as to other countries of the world, by installing the Google Translate system, our existing and future content will be available in more than 100 languages, including Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Sesotho to mention a few. The translation is not perfect, but it allows the information to be accessible to just about anybody on the planet.

Training and education in the legal field are scarce and when topics do come up and are offered in a training session, it is missed by many as they don’t get to hear about the session. Tech4Law has created a new section for Courses that are available. The menu item is in the top menu third from the left. We will publish the training in our newsletters and on the front page of Tech4Law.

Any vendors who offer training to the legal market, whether it be software or knowledge, are free to send through content for use to publish and communicate free of charge.

I would also like to state that our new version of the Joomla site is live – just in case you did not notice – the Content Management System, Joomla needed to be updated. We did our best to keep the look we had before, but tried to make it clearer and easier to navigate and read.

Welcome to everyone “i mirëpritur, ongietorri, дабро запрашаем, dobrodošli, добре дошла, benvinguda, dobrodošli, vítejte, velkommen, welkom, teretulnud, Tervetuloa, Bienvenue, Benvido, willkommen, καλωσόρισμα, fogadtatás, velkomið, fáilte, benvenuto, welcome, Sveiki, добредојден, merħba, velkommen, powitanie, bem-vindo, Bine ati venit, Добро пожаловат, добродошао, vitajte, dobrodošli, bienvenida, välkommen, ласкаво просимо, croeso, באַגריסןողջույն, xoş, স্বাগত, 欢迎, 歡迎, მისასალმებელი, આપનું સ્વાગત છે, स्वागत, Zoo siab txais tos, ようこそ, ಸ್ವಾಗತ, Сәлемдесу, ការស្វាគមន៍, 환영, ຍິນດີຕ້ອນຮັບ, സ്വാഗത, स्वागत, тавтай морилно уу, ကြိုဆို, स्वागत, පිළිගැනීමේ, Хуш омадед, வரவேற்பு, స్వాగత, ยินดีต้อนรับ, خوش آمدید, Xush kelibsiz, chào mừng, hoşgeldiniz, welkom, olandiridwa, maraba, welcome, amohela, soo dhaweyn, kuwakaribisha, ki o kaabo, welcome”


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