techshare2011-pePort Elizabeth was the first centre to host the TechShare forum on the 18th August 2011. This unique event invites technical decision makers from selected firms to learn and share the latest technology secrets and to discuss any technology issues they may be experiencing. Although the timing on my part was bad and the turnout small, those that attended took many great money saving ideas from the event – not to mention the great ideas shared on marketing.

I was really impressed how the forum helped others who were having issues with a certain technology vendor, even without them having to consult the vendor directly. That is what I call a productive forum.

So what is TechShare?
A round table event to openly discuss technology in and around law firms in South Africa by invitation only.

Why are these sessions beneficial to my firm?
The bottom line for all law firms is to make money, either by making more, or by trimming down your overheads.
This forum WILL deliver on improved efficiencies in your firm.

What is the rough outline of the short event?productive_meeting
Malcolm Pearson of Tech4Law will start off the event by sharing cost cutting and marketing ideas.

Everyone is encouraged to:
• share their current law firm technology matrix with the group
• share great technology finds they have discovered
• share current issues with technology vendors
• continue sharing ideas once the event is finished.

The event will remain independent of vendors and none will be represented, unless agreed by the group for input.

What is the objective for TechShare?
There must be a monetary gain for all firms attending.
To establish a Forum that stands together in negotiating better service and products from technology vendors.

Who can attend these exclusive events?
We will select a small group of technology influential people from selected firms in the major regions.

We are looking to offer the event in:
• Port Elizabeth (first done and next will be close to the end of the year)
• East London
• Cape Town
• Bloemfontein
• Johannesburg
• Pretoria
• Durban.

When will these forums start?
The forums will continue through the year, but the next in the series is in Cape Town on the afternoon of the 28th September 2011.

If you are interested in attending these unique TechShare sessions for the benefit of your firm, please email us at so that we can add you to the interested party lists. As we mentioned we have limited number of seats in each venue.

Parting note
This forum is going to change the way your partners perceive technology. Long gone are the days when technology produced a letter – it has become a partner in your firm, either this partner will be a dead weight, or it can become a serious bread winner.

Contributed by:
Malcolm Pearson



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