Durban2012-smallTechShare Forum for Attorneys in Durban was a real beneficial gathering of like-minded technology and marketing folk from law firms in the KZN region.


The session was well attended and after the presentation on saving money, making money through technology and quick fix marketing ideas, the real debate started with delegates asking questions of the floor to address issues they currently have or are about to experience through system changes or upgrades.

The forum was completely independent, people could speak their minds and speak of real experiences in their law offices.

What I like about this forum are the questions that fly around that cannot be answered and require a little research – these answers then are fed back into the forum via email to give everyone the answers. Also the feedback forms allowed people to ask even more questions when time ran out, which were answered by myself and emailed back to them. So the forum concept worked like a bomb.

Now, the best thing about TechShare is the benefit does not end once you leave the gathering, we share email addresses and have created a members only section in Tech4Law, so that this exclusive forum of technology for lawyers can continue as a place to share, ask questions and offer advice.

So welcome to all the new comers from KZN, your rewards of being part of the TechShare Forum for Attorneys is only just beginning!

Gauteng, we are hoping to have a TechShare Forum for Attorneys in Gauteng in May/June 2012, details will follow as soon as we have finalised venues and dates.

Contributed by:
Malcolm Pearsopn


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