Santa shoebox by ajsAJS is part of many fantastic social initiatives every year but Santa Shoebox has a very special place the AJS collective heart. “Everybody just loves being involved in this project” say AJS director Digby Vickers. “It is extremely rewarding and we encourage not only AJS customers but everyone who reads this to get involved – companies and individuals alike.”

 AJS’s involvement in Santa Shoebox was initiated by Ms. Anli Venter – one of the senior AJS support consultants a couple of years back and it has grown in leaps and bounds every year since then.


AJS-team Santa shoebox

Digby, Michelle, Anli and a Shoebox volunteer with some of the boxes we delivered in 2015

“We love doing this and so will you!!”
This year AJS is starting early because they want to achieve a target of 500 Santa Shoeboxes by the time Christmas comes. For this they need you (everyone is welcome) to contribute and become part of this. Many of you who read this are already involved and we thank you for your participation, but would like to encourage you to increase your existing contribution if at all possible. For those of you who have not yet been a part of this, you now have a wonderful opportunity to become part of something very special.

Santa shoebox for boy

A shoebox for a little boy lovingly wrapped

It warms the heart – but more importantly it provides huge amounts of joy and happiness to literally hundreds of thousands of children who often have very little to be happy about. Come on – help AJS achieve this target – all they will need is your pledge and for as little as R200.00 you can be an absolute HERO to a child. You can pledge now and pay later if necessary.

What is a Santa Shoebox?
A Santa Shoebox is a Christmas gift lovingly packed, individually wrapped and addressed to a boy or girl child. Typically it is the size of a shoebox but it has been made slightly larger over the years to accommodate more items.

It contains some personal essentials, school stationery, clothing and Christmas treats and gifts. AJS assembles shoeboxes on your behalf for an amount of R200.00 each.

Once all the pledges are in place AJS negotiates bulk discounts from suppliers as opposed to purchasing individual items.

Boxes packed ready for delivery

Boxes packed and ready for delivery

AJS has also partnered with some corporate companies to supply items either for free or at very favourable rates.

AJS would like to thanks Wespac, Waltons Stationers, Johnson Crane Hire and Hyperland for their fantastic offers and contributions. This means that so MUCH MORE can be put into a Santa Shoebox for your R200.00 than you can ever hope do yourself. This year’s shoebox will be the most valuable one to date.

How does it work?
For you, the generous donor to this cause, it is very easy. You just pledge to AJS as to how many shoeboxes you are able to sponsor and AJS does the rest. AJS does all the purchasing, packaging and personally addresses each shoebox on your behalf. The shoeboxes are delivered to the distribution points throughout the Country. AJS will even photograph the boxes with the children’s names displayed and send the photos to you.

To pledge please email with “AJS Santa Shoebox” in the subject line.

AJS will keep everyone up to date throughout the year as to how we are doing in terms of the target.

Don’t delay – it’s a small ask with huge benefits for those who need it most!!

Named makeup bag

Each of the boxes had either a makeup bag, a pencil case or a bathroom bag added to it as part of the “extras” that go in a box


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