vm Consulting squareVM Consulting, leaders in document management and business process management solutions, today announced their new partnership with eXpd8, a complete practice management solution for Law Firms.

“The team at VM Consulting pride ourselves in bringing the best possible solutions to our clients, and over the years we have had the privilege of working closely with some of the largest Law Firms in the country. However, it is the SME Law Firms that we have passionately been trying to assist over the past two years. They are the Firms that need technology solutions that work for them, that are cost effective, and provide the firm with up to date information about their matters,” comments Vanessa Miller, Managing Director for VM Consulting.

 “The Legal industry is highly competitive and being able to work faster, and more efficiently is key to the success of a Firm,” adds Miller.

The team at VM Consulting began to investigate and research practice management offerings available in South Africa, and even from Europe, to find a practice management system that would be an affordable case management system, that is intuitive, simple and powerful. It would integrate and wrap around all the existing tools used in a legal practice (PCs, smartphones, MS Office, Outlook, Word, GhostConvey, Time Recording etc.), has a user friendly interface that would capture all activities, by linking them to the relevant client or case, and provides the information at your fingertips.

“VM Consulting are proud to be associated with the international team at eXpd8. The eXpd8 solution adds more depth to our current offerings and provides to our clients, case management, practice management and accounts for Law Firms,” concludes Miller.

For more information on the new offerings please contact our team at info@vmcs.co.za

VM Consulting
Through a powerful combination of technology, people and methodology, VM Consulting deliver leading DMS, BPM and Practice Management solutions to businesses across South Africa and Africa. VM Consulting are the Master Distributors and solution providers for Appian BPM Suite. VM Consulting are Solution Providers and Resellers for M-Files DMS and eXpd8 Practice Management Solutions.


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