vm Consulting squareVM Consulting, leaders in Document Management, Case Management and Business Process Management Solutions, have partnered with Spartan, an IT Rental & Equipment Finance Company.

VM Consulting along with Spartan announces the opportunity for you to finance your critical Case Management, Document Management and Practice Management Solutions, making it instantly accessible and affordable to your Legal business, without crippling your cash flow.

Together we empower your Legal Practice with solutions to improve business performance. Thus growing your Law Firm practice and having visibility into your Matters regardless of location and which fee earner is working on it.

“The team at VM Consulting pride ourselves on bringing the best possible solution to our clients, and over the years we have had the privilege of working closely with some of the largest law firms in the country,” ommented Vanessa Miller. “We are proud to be in a position to offer the small to medium Legal Practices the opportunity to expand and grow with our solutions, without the worry of the financial implication.”

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VM Consulting
Through a powerful combination of technology, people and methodology, VM Consulting  deliver leading DMS and BPM solutions to business across South Africa and Africa. VM  Consulting are the Master Distributors for Appian BPM Suite and M-Files DMS solutions.

For more information on software financing options please contact info@vmcs.co.za


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